Five not 5

Here's a somewhat new abstract painting on paper, actually a combination of painting and drawing on paper. All of the shapes and lines in this abstract composition are made from a template of the number 5. The title is "Five not 5". See more of my artwork at george-mckim.com.
I haven't done any art in about a month, I was very productive from December 2007 through last month, but I took a short break and that turned into a longer break! You know, it's easy to stop and hard to start back, just the opposite of drinking :-)


Linda Blondheim said...

I like it. Very cool.
Linda Blondheim

Martha Marshall said...

Hi George - long time no see. You might be pleased to know that this blog post showed up on Blogrush today, and that's how I found it. I got off MySpace -- it ate up way too much of my time. Still blogging and still painting. I hope you're painting today . . . and I love your fives!!

Joy Logan said...

Your "high 5" reminded me of a Jasper Johns I saw in D.C. last year. Love the bird houses,adorably wonderful.

Saarto said...


Tomas Karkalas said...

Wow, this is not the abstract painting, but the magic road map. "Five not 5" talks loudly and thus helps me to discover the path out of current mess. Thank you.