Couch made from 6,400 welded Nickels!

Been looking for that hard to find $50,000 couch made out of 6,400 nickels for your living room or maybe the back deck or the pool area? I know I have! Well you're in luck because I know a sculptor who makes them named Johnny Swing. I went to school with Johnny Swing at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine back in 1986. Johnny was a sculpture student and was working mainly with welded steel and paint. Recently Johnny has used his welding skills to make Art Furniture in all manner of unusual combinations of objects. This is not your parent's furniture by any stretch of the imagination. Swing takes common, everyday materials and re-purposes them, and has created practical art that is as stunning to view as it is stimulating to use. His Nickel Couch, made of over 6400 welded nickels, is a magnificient piece of work that is contoured for the body. Swing spent more than 200 hours welding 6,400 nickels into a 110-pound metallic couch. Swing's creative use of his Class 1 structural steel-welder license brings new meaning to the term value added. Attaching each nickel took as many as five welds--a total of about 30,000 welds to fashion the coins into furniture. His Jardelier, a chandelier made of glass jars, evokes a feeling of early 20th century invention with its illumination. These are but two examples of an exceptional art furniture line. The difference is in the art. Each is a unique example of beautiful and functional sculpture. Here's a photo of the sculptor relaxing on his art furniture.